Troubleshooting NPS

Why did my Appcues NPS survey suddenly stop showing?

If your NPS survey suddenly stops showing, that usually means there is a page or audience targeting issue. Here are a couple of things you can look into to get your NPS survey back up and running.

1. Are your user properties still being correctly sent to Appcues?

If you are targeting your customers based on a property that is no longer being sent or being sent incorrectly, we won't be able to successfully target them for an NPS survey. One way you can check this is by visiting your Events and Properties page and checking for the property as well as the last time we received it.

2. Are there other flows that are being shown instead of your NPS survey?

Appcues handles coordinating when and where your flows will be displayed. To avoid interfering with your flows, NPS surveys are displayed only when no other flows are eligible to be shown to that user.

As a result, if there is a flow that is targeting to the same page as your NPS survey, your NPS survey may never show. Common examples of this are creating a flow that targets the same page as an NPS survey and is set to show every time to all usersThat will never allow an NPS survey to be shown since every user will see the other flow every time.

In these cases, we recommend making your flow targeting more specific or adjusting the page on which your NPS surveys should be displayed.

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