Pro Tip: Quick Tips for Testing Your Flows

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This may seem obvious to some, but we cannot emphasize enough the importance of testing your flows. Not only does this give you an idea of the general user experience of what they need to accomplish but this also shows you the visual experience, and allows you to catch any confusing areas where you can optimize. 

To make testing even quicker and easier, we’ve compiled a few quick tips to get you up and running and on your way!

  • Leverage external testers
    • If you send a link to someone on your team for testing purposes, that individual does not need an Appcues account.
  • Your end-users will not see flows until you’re ready
    • The flow is only available to people who have the share link. End users will only start seeing the flow once you publish it live.
  • Test mode views and flow view counts won’t count towards analytics
    • Rest assured, only views and counts of live flows are counted towards analytics, test flow views won't appear on the analytics page.
  • You can set the test link to start on a different page
    • Accomplish this by changing the "Build URL."  This can be edited on the flow settings page, right underneath the flow title.
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