Build Guide - Evaluator - Trial Conversion

Use case: trial conversion   

Internally at Appcues, we've found that giving users the option to extend their free trial by five days validated trial-users' interest and helped to soften the blow of a paywall. This strategy helped us increase the speed of sales by 68%. 

With the right targeting, you can use Appcues to increase free trial conversions with a single flow. Create a modal that lets your users know their trial is up and that provides them with options to continue using your product: 

Consider making your modal required so that users must complete signup to move forward. For the same reason, you will also want to hide the standard button that closes or continues your flow. To hide the button, go to the modal settings and select the hidden properties:

Instead, add an image (or create a button with custom CSS) that links to your Subscriptions or Payment Settings page. 

With targeting, it's important that you are  passing in user properties based on their trial status. In this example, we are targeting on whether or not a user is in trial and if that trial has expired. Use the below settings to show your modal to all users who have active trials that have expired, and place the modal on all pages of your app, except the billing and trial extension pages: 

Once a user has paid and is no longer being recognized as in Trial, they will stop seeing this flows.

If you want to add more advanced customization to your free trial modal, check out our docs on  Styling & Customization.

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