How the Appcues Free Trial Works

We want to make evaluating Appcues easy so you can hit the ground running in improving activation when the time is right.

That's why every Appcues account comes with a free trial that is completely unlimited until you (A) show your first 100 Appcues flows and (B) have exceeded two weeks since you created your account.

This means you can show unlimited flows within the first two weeks without paying a dime. Beyond these two weeks, if you haven't yet shown 100 flows, your trial will remain to stay active until you've reached this flows shown limit.

Most customers show their first 100 flows to internal users (including themselves) in testing and move to a paid plan before going live to end users. 

The goal of our trial experience is to give you enough bandwidth to test technical compatibility and get familiar with the Appcues builder. 

Once you reach 100 Appcues flows shown, we ask that you move to a paid plan. 

You will still have access to all the content you've built during your trial so that you can continue to design, personalize, configure and test. 

How we calculate "Flows Shown"

Every time an Appcues flow is rendered in your product to any user, we count it as a flow shown. You can reach the 100 Flows Shown limit in your trial by:

  • 100 unique users viewing a single flow once
  • One user viewing two separate flows 50 times each
  • 25 unique users viewing two separate flows twice, et al

What is a "Flow"?

A flow is one or more consecutive steps. For instance, a modal followed by three tooltips is considered 1 flow.

The above example shows 1 connected Flow:

  • A one-step slideout
  • A set of 4 tooltips

Thus, it would count as 1 flow shown. If you have any other questions about how our trial works, please reach out