Understanding Flow Effectiveness

*Please note* Engagement reports (as pictured below) are available for flows published/republished after 11/19/2016

As soon as you publish a flow, Appcues starts analyzing how it's doing on your site. When you come back to the editor after your flow as been published for a while, you might be met with something like this: 

This Tooltip is performing fantastically! All users who qualified to see the Tooltip did. Let's look at another example:

This Hotspot is performing well. Of all users who had this Hotspot placed on their screen in your app, 78% of them opened it up; 22% didn't.

It's important here to note a distinction between Hotspots and Tooltips. Hotspots are non-sequential, which means users don't step through them like a funnel, but rather open them voluntarily. Tooltips are sequential and open automatically as the user steps through them. So, for Hotspots, we say 22% didn't open. Whereas for Tooltips, we would say 22% dropped off, meaning 22% of users canceled the tour or left the page on the previous step, and thus didn't get a chance to see this step.

Here's a final case where a Hotspot is not placed:

Not placed means there was a technical issue preventing 44% of users from seeing this step. In this case, we also will provide you with some information about what is happening. Usually, this simply means your Hotspot or Tooltip is placed on an element of your site that isn't always visible, so not placing the Hotspot or Tooltip is totally normal behavior.

Learn more about technical issues  here.

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