Installation Overview (Developer Detail)

Installation Instructions

You will find your custom install instructions by going to the Installation tab within your  Appcues Settings

These instructions will have your Appcues account ID in the code, so please don't copy and paste the generic examples found below. We highly recommend that non-technical folks work with their engineering counterparts to get Appcues installed. For an engineer with knowledge of how their product tracks user properties, implementation can be as quick as 10 minutes.

Most implementations are as simple as two steps:

1. Place the following code snippet just after the opening  <body> tag.

<script src="//"></script> 

2.  Identify your user with a unique ID and any additional attributes. Any properties set here will automatically be available for targeting.

Appcues.identify('123abc', {
  	email: '',
  	name: 'Jonathan Kim',
        created_at: 578725200000,
 	// Additional user properties


Note: Your identify call should include your actual user properties in the syntax you use. Make sure to replace the placeholder values above.

3. Track Events

Use the Appcues.track() call to track actions users take in your application. Learn more

If you use an analytics tool like Mixpanel, Amplitude, Hotjar, FullStory or Google Analytics it’s a great idea to call Appcues.track() wherever you’re tracking already tracking events.

Appcues.track("Event Name"); // e.g. "Clicked Some Button"

Appcues.track("Another Event", { // e.g. “Submitted a Help Ticket”
  url: "/support",
  article: "installation"

4. Additional Step for Single Page Applications (SPAs): 

If your application doesn't reload the browser when users navigate, you'll want to call in your application's router. Basically, whenever the URL changes, you'll want to call

To debug your call for single page apps, publish something using "Just Me" targeting and see if the flow shows automatically. If you need to refresh the page in order for Appcues to appear, that indicates it's in the wrong place. Let us know and we can take a look for you.