Heap (Two-Way Integration)

Heap and Appcues have partnered to create a bi-directional flow of information enabling customers to maximize the value of both solutions. Completing the two-way integration requires setup in both Appcues and Heap. How to use this integration:

Appcues to Heap:

Enable Heap on your Integrations page by hovering over the Heap integration and selecting Activate. 

Once Heap and Appcues are integrated, you can automatically find Appcues data under your Events category, where Source = ‘Appcues’. Appcues events appear on a general level, such as Flow Completed, Flow Started, Step Skipped, etc. (note for Step Interacted only stepChildId, stepChildNumber, and interactionType will be available and for Form Submitted only interactionType will be available in Heap)

Once you turn on this integration in Heap, you’ll have the option to do a one-time immediate sync, or schedule a recurring sync.To get the most out of this integration, you'll also want to be tracking events from your own application in Heap. These events might look like User signed up, created project, invited user, sent email, etc. -- it all depends on what your platform is and what your users can and should accomplish within it.

What data is sent from Appcues to Heap?

The following events are sent from Appcues to Heap when the integration is enabled: flow events, form events, NPS events, checklist events, pin events, and custom events.

flow_started form_submitted checklist_skipped
flow_completed form_field_submitted checklist_dismissed
flow_skipped nps_feedback checklist_item_started
flow_aborted nps_score checklist_item_completed
step_started nps_clicked_update_nps_score appcues_custom
step_completed nps_ask_me_later_selected_at v2:experience_started
step_skipped nps_survey_started v2:step_seen
step_interacted checklist_shown v2:icon_seen
step_aborted checklist_completed

Defining your event

By creating a new event you can specify which Appcues flow you'd like to use in your Heap analysis. For instance, you can limit your event to a certain flow by using a filter when creating your event:

Creating your funnel

You can then use Heap analysis modules - such as funnels - to look at adoption such as: how many users who start a flow complete it? Select the two events you created (Flow Started and Flow Completed) and click run query to view your results.

Heap to Appcues:

For more information on Heap's integration to send data to Appcues, check out Heap's documentation.

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