Understanding Flow Event Data

Appcues creates "events" when people view and interact with your published content. Those events are sent back to Appcues to create engagement reports, but they can also be sent to a third-party integration or intercepted with code that your engineers write.

Before digging into the analytics events themselves, it's important to understand the two main Appcues objects, a "flow" and a "step."

A step is an individual piece of content, like a modal or a group of hotspots, that you've created with Appcues.

A flow encompasses one or more steps. 

Flow events (start/complete/skip overall):

  • Flow started — user sees the first step in the flow.
  • Flow completed — user walks through every step, interacting with the site along the
  • Flow skipped — user cancels a step by clicking "Hide these tips" or clicking the "X" button on a modal.

Each of the flow events have a flowId, flowName and other attributes that describe that content, so you can build a funnel pretty easily. In addition to flow events, we also send events for the individual "steps" in a flow.

Step events:

  • Step started — user initially sees your step (modal/hotspots/etc.) in the flow
  • Step completed — user reaches the end of a modal, hotspot, etc.
  • Step skipped — user skips this step in the flow
  • Step interacted — user clicks on a button/hotspot, submits a form, etc.

Each step event has the flowId for the flow it belongs to, in addition to a stepId, the identifier for that step, and other relevant properties of the event.

Note: We recently made a change in the product such that StepIDs are no longer easily accessible in the UI. We will update this doc when this information is added back to the product.


Let's pretend we have a flow comprised of a one-page modal, followed by two hotspots. If the user doesn't skip out, our events would look like this:

  1. Flow started
  2. Step started (modal)
  3. Step interacted (user clicked button on modal)
  4. Step completed (modal)
  5. Step started (hotspots)
  6. Step interacted (user clicked on hotspot #1)
  7. Step interacted (user clicked on hotspot #2)
  8. Step completed (all hotspots have been clicked)
  9. Flow completed (all content has been completed

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