Build Guide - Regular - Product Feedback

Feedback from your users is a key component of knowing whether you're heading in the right direction with product updates and new features. A feedback flow should be:

  • Explicit and one-topic in the content you're asking for feedback about
  • Contain an easily understood rating or open-ended question
  • Respect the user's time (they came to your product to do something else) by being concise

Let's walk through building a simple feedback flow. We'll cover:

The final product of your slideout will look something like this when we're done:

Building the slideout

Let's begin by creating the actual content.

First, launch the Appcues Builder to create a new flow

There are multiple ways to create a new flow, one is from the flows page in the Appcues studio by clicking the 'Create a flow' button: 

Create a Slideout step

Once in the Appcues Builder, start by creating a Slideout: 

Add a text block

Give the flow some context. Because we have event targeting we are able to say "Looks like you recently built a flow", and you can give short context in the same way.

Add a Ratings form

This will contain both the question you want to ask the user as well as the numerical rating block. Set the numerical limit to your preference and add a label. In this example, we've set our limit to 4.

You can also edit the rating text under the numbers.

Change the button text

Setting a Theme

See the Themes page if you haven't already set a theme for your Appcues content. 

If you have a Theme you're ready to use, make sure this flow is using it:

Targeting the correct users

To be able to target, you'll need the applicable user properties being sent to Appcues. You can see what you're sending on the "Events and Properties" tab within your account settings in the Appcues Studio. If you're interested in seeing what user properties we recommend sending to Appcues, check out this User Properties Overview doc.

The targeting below is for example purposes, yours will be different. For this flow, we wanted to target a very specific set of users.

  1. They needed to be customers
  2. They needed to have completed their Onboarding (we don't want new users seeing it)
  3. They needed to have recently completed the action we're asking about (in this case, having built a flow)
  4. We didn't want to show it to everyone (because we're running multiple surveys and that might inundate a user with flows)

Here's how we did it, explained below.:

First and second, we used our Segments for Customers and Steadystate users ( creating a Segment). 

Third is the Session Randomizer property, which each user gets during each session and it changes with each new session. It's on a 100-point scale, so we're trying to target about 40% of users that meet all the other criteria. 

Fourth, we'll show this flow if the user has "Clicked create new flow" in the past 4 days. This is an event we send to Appcues from a button click in our application and is how we know the did the activity we're asking about.

Lastly, and this is icing, we didn't want to show a user multiple surveys in a short period of time. We created a specific Segment so users won't see more than one survey per day. 

That's it! You can use Test Mode to see what your slideout will look like in a live environment and publish your flow when you're ready.

Need some extra support? Shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to help.

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