Product Feedback Flow Example

Use case: Ready to hear what your users think about your product? Instead of sporadically emailing your entire user base, use Appcues to engage active users in the right context by creating in-app survey or form flows

By targeting your flows to the right users at the right moment, users will be more likely to respond to your prompt and provide more thoughtful feedback than they would in another setting.

When creating a survey or feedback form, it's important to consider who you are targeting. Do you want users who are brand new to respond? Are you looking for opinions from power users? Did you release a new feature solely in one language? By putting some careful thought into who you are targeting, you can ask for feedback on a more personal level and avoid over-asking users for suggestions. 

A NPS survey like our Appcues example below can typically be targeted to all user types, but be mindful when considering how different cohorts respond to your survey. Because it is asking for a review of the entire product, you'll want to put the survey in a highly visible and general location of your site, such as the dashboard. If this survey were to ask about a unique area of your product or specific feature, you will help your users stay in context by defining and targeting your flow to that location and targeting the right cohort of users.

Appcues example:


1. Instead of asking users to list out what they like and dislike, NPS surveys elicit an overall feeling and attitude towards your product by asking a simple question: how likely are you to recommend this product to a colleague or friend? Write this is large font, either above or below an image.

2. Add your company's logo or a nice image.

2. Once users have selected their rating scale of 1-10 or 1-7, they are given an option to elaborate on their response in the next step of the flow. While the flow may be required, you might consider leaving the text field skippable in the case that a user only wants to provide a NPS rating.

Centro Example:

Bynder Example:

If you want users to take a more comprehensive survey, you can include a link to your own survey or embed  Typeform into Appcues. For help on embedding Typeform into Appcues,  check out this doc.
Click here to learn how to created a feedback survey with Appcues.
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