HubSpot Integration


The Appcues to HubSpot integration is a two-way integration. This means that folks that use HubSpot as their CRM will be able to send HubSpot Contact Record properties to Appcues, and certain Appcues event data into the HubSpot Contact Profile Timeline. During the setup of the integration, you can also choose to do 1-way integration in either direction. The Appcues events that can be sent to the HubSpot Contact Profile Timeline include:

  • Completed Flows 
  • Skipped Flows 
  • NPS Scores
  • NPS Feedback
  • Completed Checklists
  • Skipped Checklists

The initial sync of HubSpot properties will happen 30 minutes after the integration is activated and every 30 minutes thereafter. The Appcues events that are going into HubSpot are sent immediately. 

This integration is available for all accounts on Growth and Enterprise plans.

Why integrate HubSpot with Appcues?

Integrating HubSpot with Appcues allows you to target marketing campaigns based on how users interact with Appcues flows, and it allows you to set up flows, goals, and segments based on HubSpot Contact Record properties. It can also help your sales team identify how individual contacts interact with flows.

What you'll need

  • A HubSpot account with CRM (any paid plan)
  • Your HubSpot login information
  • To be passing an email address/HubSpot Contact ID to Appcues as part of your installation. This will be used in Step 4 below.

Setting up the Integration

To set up the integration, you first need to select the Two-way HubSpot Integration card on our integrations page:

Once you click the integration card you'll be presented with a 6-step flow to complete the integration.

Step 1 - Will ask you to authenticate your HubSpot account.

Step 2 - Will ask you what direction you want the data to flow. Either bi-directional, or 1-way in a specific direction.

Step 3 - Will ask you which property on the contact in HubSpot will be used to associate with the profile within Appcues.

NOTE: This NEEDS to be whatever value is being used in the Appcues 'identify' call

Step 4 - Will ask you which property in Appcues can be used to associate with the profile within HubSpot. 

NOTE: This MUST BE either the HubSpot VID or Email

Step 5 - Will ask you which properties on the HubSpot contact you want to send to Appcues for targeting and segmenting.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that the user manually enter new property fields on the Appcues side for this step. 

Step 6 - Will ask you what the best email address is to reach you for future updates about the integration.

NOTE: This should be the email address you use for your Appcues account

Once you click Finish on step 6, the setup wizard will close, and data will begin passing between the two systems. 

Need to make an adjustment? 

Once the integration is enabled, you can click the card at any time and select Modify to adjust any of your current settings, or click Remove to disable the integration.

How to see what is being sent from HubSpot to Appcues

If you want to confirm that your data is flowing from HubSpot to Appcues you can review the properties being sent by going to Settings -> Events and Properties -> Custom properties. Once there, you can find your HubSpot properties in the list, and see real examples of data being passed to Appcues by clicking the Chevron to expand the property.

How to use this integration

Email Campaigns

You can trigger email users who interact with Appcues in certain ways. For example, if you know that people who skip out on your onboarding flow are less likely to purchase your product, you might send those users an email to personally onboard them with a 1:1 demo. 

Contact level

You can see how your Hubspot contacts interact with Appcues flows on an individual basis by viewing their contact page in HubSpot. 

If for example, you notice that prospects are viewing the same flows multiple times, you may want to reach out for personalized help or rethink how the information is presented in the flow.

*by default integration events may be filtered out of the customer feed. If Appcues events are not shown the filters may need to be adjusted.